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East Bloomfield Firehall, Bloomfield, N.Y

The East Bloomfield Firehall in Bloomfield, N.Y., has a metal roof consisting of approximately 13,500 square feet of Allentown, Pa.-based ATAS International Inc.'s 24-gauge Dutch Seam (MRD150) steel roof panels in Rocky Grey. The project team included: installer and distributor, Bayford Construction, Spencerport, N.Y., and architect, Barkstrom & LaCroix Architects, Rochester, N.Y.

"Metal is a noncombustible material by nature, making it the perfect option for roofing installations," says Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS. "Dutch Seam, when installed over a non-combustible deck, has a Class A Fire rating, which is the highest rating from Underwriters Laboratories. This means that UL determined that is it noncombustible and will withstand fire exposure without igniting."

ATAS International Inc.,