Agriculture & Self Storage

Garage Plus Storage LLC Facility, Spanaway, Wash.

McElroy Metal’s Mirage and Mega-Rib roof panels were used in a design for a 75,000-square-foot boat and recreational vehicle storage facility for Garage Plus Storage. Phase one of the project, completed in May 2011, included buildings A, A1, C, E, F, G, H, consisting of the ramped, two-story building, a car wash and clubhouse, which has an indoor fire pit, pool table, two conference rooms and locker rooms. Buildings B, B1 and D are expected to be built this summer with phase two of the project set to begin by year’s end.

Mako Steel Inc., the roofing contractor, completed the framing, siding and roofing on the office building and the roofing, siding and trim on the stick-framed clubhouse. Caesar Wright, president of Mako Steel, says the main challenge was the two-story over/under building and it was rare for his company to work on a boat and recreational vehicle storage facility. “It’s a bit of a hybrid design, meaning we used a rigid frame shell with a welded deck that had to support 250 pounds per square foot to accommodate the weight of a boat or recreational vehicle. We also designed the retaining walls to support the slope at the ramped area.”

McElroy Metal supplied the light-gauge steel for the project. The roof was built with 24-gauge Mirage Standing Seam Roof panels with a 2:12 slope and the exterior siding is 26-gauge, horizontal Mega Rib panels. The interior light gage framing is galvanized steel. CBC Steel Buildings supplied a rigid frame for the two-story building that has a 250-pound deck load for recreational vehicles. Additionally, a 2-foot overhang with soffit was installed on all the buildings, and 6-inch roof and wall insulation was used.


Owner: Garage Plus LLC, Tacoma, Wash.

General contractor: BNR Construction, Auburn, Wash.

Architect: Jon Graves Architects, Tacoma

Roofing contractor: Mako Steel Inc., Carlsbad, Calif.

Metal roof/wall panels: McElroy Metal Inc., Bossier City, La.,

Metal building: CBC Steel Buildings, Lathrop, Calif.,