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Georgia BioScience Training Center, Social Circle, Ga.

Georgia BioScience Training Center, Social Circle, Ga.Nathan Williamson, project designer at Cooper Carry Inc., says his firm specified Cambridge Architectural's Lanier pattern stainless steel mesh for Georgia BioScience Training Center for the performance benefits of shading, to express the system's connections and create a high-tech appearance. "The mesh delaminates from the main façade with facets and plane changes to provide a dynamic, crystalline aesthetic with ever-changing shadows and reflections that suggest a sense of movement," he says. "The mesh is a backdrop for a wall wash of LED lighting that glistens in a variety of colors at night."

L&S Erectors Inc. installed 10,900 square feet in 149 mesh panels to shade interior lobbies, classrooms and laboratories in the facility. Williamson says the Lanier pattern was selected for its tight 50 percent weave, which improved energy performance. The mesh was attached to the structure with Cambridge Architectural's Clevis in-tension system.

Additionally, L&S Erectors installed Cambridge Architectural's Matte flexible mesh pattern, which is similar to Lanier, in the interior for shading and screening. The mesh surrounds an open-air, elliptical courtyard and provides screening in the main conference room. An eyebolt system was used to attach the mesh in the interior.

Georgia BioScience Training Center is owned by Georgia Quick Start, a division of the Technical College System of Georgia. It supports research, technology transfer and workforce development for bio manufacturing and Bannockburn, Ill.-based Baxalta's immunoglobulin therapies plant, which is adjacent to the center and under construction. The $14 million project was completed in September 2015.

Owner: Georgia Quick Start, a division of the Technical College System of Georgia, Social Circle, Ga.
General contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., Atlanta
Architect: Cooper Carry Inc., Atlanta
Installer: L&S Erectors Inc., Litchfield, Ohio
Metal mesh: Cambridge Architectural, Cambridge, Md.,