Gerry Sisters Five Arts and Student Center at St. Timothy’s School, Stevenson, Maryland

Photo: Alain Jaramillo

An expansive façade of copper panels encases a portion of Gerry Sisters Five Arts and Student Center at St. Timothy’s School. The copper panels’ horizontal coursing pattern aligns with coursing joints of adjacent brick and fiber cement exterior finishes. The coursing and flat-seam profile of the panels give the monolithic copper sheet texture and scale on the large façade.

To complete the copper façade, Turner Roofing Co. Inc. fabricated and installed Revere Copper Products Inc.’s 20-ounce, cold rolled, non-patinated copper sheet into flat seam panels, installed horizontally, with an exposed finish.

The copper façade is part of a 27,800-squarefoot renovation and addition to the arts and student center. In addition to the copper panels, brick, and fiber cement panels, SLAM Collaborative Inc.’s design for the exterior utilizes Butler stone and cedar.

Academic programs taught in Gerry Sisters Five Arts and Student Center include literature, theater, dance, visual arts and music. There is a maker space on the first floor, health and wellness center, additional classroom space and an expanded, 1,300 square-foot art gallery. The project includes a refurbished, 330-seat theater with new seats, lighting PHOTO: ALAIN JARAMILLO and A/V. Outside, between the center and a dining facility, a courtyard was redesigned with ornamental trees, benches and pavers.

Richard Connell, FAIA, principal in charge at SLAM Collaborative, says, “This was a truly transformative project for the building and the school. It will provide high quality space for the arts, including a beautifully updated theater, new dance rehearsal space, large gallery, and a welcoming space for students to study and collaborate.”