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Grantsville Justice Court and Grantsville Police Department, Grantsville, Utah

JRCA Architects specified metal roof and wall panels to lighten the design of a new building that houses the Grantsville Justice Court and Grantsville Police Department. Masonry was used on a majority of the facility to ground it and provide a solid base. A large volume clad in metal lightens the design and differentiates it from the masonry base.

The ribbed wall panels were attached horizontally. Christopher Child, AAIA, intern architect at JRCA Architects, says, “The panels read horizontally and help to deemphasize the larger volumes, so they don’t feel as tall as they are.”

Raymond Keller Construction Inc. installed 3,400 square feet of MBCI’s PBD exposed fastener metal panels in Almond. For the roof, the company installed 1,400 square feet of MBCI’s FW-120 concealed fastener metal panels in Brownstone. Metal was selected for durability and longevity.

Grantsville Justice Court and Grantsville Police Department houses a court, interview room, detaining and processing room, service centers, training areas and community areas. The project was completed in December 2017.