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Great Wolf Lodge Inc., Garden Grove, Calif.

Photo: Tom Bonner Photography

Ware Malcomb Inc. designed a standing seam roof system for Great Wolf Resorts Inc.'s Great Wolf Lodge with metal panels that run the full length from the eave to the ridge without panel splices. To accomplish this, Evans Roofing Co. roll formed 160-foot-long panels with Berridge Manufacturing Co.'s roll former.

Installation presented some challenges. Great Wolf Lodge has steep roof slopes ranging from 3:12 to 12:12; some roof heights exceed 100 feet. Evans Roofing put the roll former on a custom platform that held it at the 5:12 roof slope angle in the bed of a lift-bed truck. The roll former was raised to be even with the eave of the sloped roof and 10 installers spaced out at 16-foot intervals accepted the panels as they were formed.

Evans Roofing installed 140,000 square feet of Berridge Manufacturing's Zee-Lock standing seam metal roof panels in Colonial Red for the project. Additionally, the company installed a vapor barrier and composite insulation below the metal roof panels on top of wood and metal substrates.

Great Wolf Lodge has 105,000 square feet of water park rides, 30,000 square feet of conference space, seven restaurants, an arcade, bowling alley, nine-story hotel tower with 603 guest rooms, five-level parking structure, retail space and spa. The project was completed in February 2016.