Agriculture & Self Storage

Green Acre Farms’ kiln building, Wapato, Wash.

Star Building Systems designed Green Acre Farms’ hop drying kiln building without interior columns so concrete tilt-up partition panels could be installed for hop drying rooms. The 144-foot-wide by 215-foot-long by 28-foot-high building supports overhead conveyors, traveling equipment and mezzanine walk-ways. The mezzanines are located around the entire interior perimeter of the building and tie to 12-inch-high, concrete tilt-up box structures at the middle of the building.

Concord Construction Inc. installed Star Building Systems’ PBR wall panels in Light Stone over exposed, 4-foot-high aggregate concrete at the perimeter of the building. Additionally, it installed Star Building Systems’ 24-gauge Double-Lok metal roof panels in Polar White for the roofs of the main building and a 16-foot-wide by 4-foot-tall cupola building. The cupola sidewalls are open for wire mesh screens to vent humid air out the building and 12 ridge vents were installed on the cupola ridge. The end-walls are fully sheeted and trimmed. All the building components are hot-dip galvanized or galvanized coil stock. The 24,510-square-foot project was completed in July 2015.

Owner: Green Acre Farms, Wapato
General contractor/builder: Concord Construction Inc., Wapato
Metal building system: Star Building Systems, Oklahoma City,