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Hangar 17, Morristown, N.J.

Hangar 17, Morristown, N.J.SL Management Group LLC’s (Silverman Group) Hangar 17 at Morristown Municipal Airport required significant preplanning. The entire structure was staged and erected within its footprint because there were only 15 feet available around three sides of the hangar’s perimeter. On its fourth side, there is an active tarmac with taxiing planes.

The Federal Aviation Administration approved a 120-foot crane boom tip height, which ruled out extra rigging that using a spreader bar would have required. Four 133-foot-long, 87,000-pound modules were constructed on the ground, flown into position in pairs, connected at each end and the peak simultaneously, and tied back to the braced end-wall. After erecting the structural system, the roof, walls and eight rolling aircraft doors were constructed on-site and installed.

The 38,934-square-foot project includes one main building and two lean-tos with mezzanines. The main hangar has 266 feet of clear span rafters along six lines of primary steel. There were seven major lines of primary steel; six of them were clear- span. It is 265 feet wide and 126 feet long. The hangar’s gabled roof has a 1/2:12 pitch and 39-foot, 6-inch eave height. One end-wall includes a 250-foot by 25-foot opening for hangar doors. The opposite end-wall includes three 10-foot by 10-foot framed openings.

In addition to its metal building system, Varco Pruden Buildings Inc. supplied its standing seam roof system with R-19 fiberglass insulation for the project. It also supplied Vee Rib and ImpressaClad metal wall panels with R-19 fiberglass insulation, and standard trims, gutters and downspouts.

Diamond Nets Inc.’s Sky-Web II insulation support system was used. New Millennium Building Systems LLC supplied its mezzanines and Norco Manufacturing Corp. supplied hangar doors. The five-section, sliding door system is 250 feet by 25 feet. The project was completed in December 2015.

Owner/general contractor: SL Management Group LLC (Silverman Group), Short Hills, N.J.,
Metal building contractor: Hance Construction Inc., Washington, N.J.,
Erector: Thomas Phoenix International Inc., Eastampton Township, N.J.,
Doors: Norco Manufacturing Corp., Franksville, Wis.,
Insulation support system: Diamond Nets Inc., Everson, Wash.,
Metal building system: Varco Pruden Buildings Inc., Memphis, Tenn.,
Mezzanines: New Millennium Building Systems LLC, Fort Wayne, Ind.,