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Harvey Pediatric Clinic, Rogers, Ark.

Photo: Tim Hursley
Photo: Tim Hursley

Bright red ribbed metal panels stand out on Harvey Pediatric Clinic. Marlon Blackwell Architects designed the medical office to be a landmark building with a strong presence along a commercial corridor.

In an effort to streamline operations, designers reviewed the program and how patients could interact efficiently. Once a long form was established, designers placed some tenant spaces wrapped in glass on the first level. This allowed the practice to be elevated to the second level while reinforcing the figure.

To reinforce the building design, the south façade is wrapped in a box rib metal in a custom Cayenne color, which also shows up on the south side of the fins located on the east side of the building. The north elevation features weathered zinc panels in the same box rib profile. A flat panel wraps the back of the building and is used for soffit. This creates a subtle contrast to the texture of the north and south elevations.

The project used a total of 12,518 square feet of box rib metal wall panels from Morin Corp., a Kingspan Group company, supplied by J.D. Day and Co. The 20-gauge, roll-formed steel panels have 90-degree vertical box ribs at 4 inches on-center with 1 1/2-inch rib heights. Finished in a custom Cayenne PVDF Kynar 500 finish, the panels were installed vertically with concealed fasteners. Additionally, J.D. Day supplied Morin’s 20-gauge, roll-formed steel flat seam panels with an 8-inch exposure and 1 1/2-inch rib height with a PVDF Kynar 500 finish in Weathered Zinc. They were installed vertically with concealed fasteners.

The building also features several skylights. A blue glass skylight washes over a concealed staircase on the east side of the building, providing a threshold from the outside as visitors move to the second floor. Additionally, a thin skylight stretches the length of the building along the solid south facade. It brings light and connection to the outside into the middle of the building.

Kawneer Co. Inc., Norcross, Ga., supplied the skylight frames, which are custom colored to match the weathered zinc. The glass is from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass). ACE Glass Construction Corp. was the subcontractor for the skylights. The 15,493-square-foot project was completed in May 2016.