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Hattiloo Theatre, Memphis, Tenn.

Hattiloo Theatre, Memphis, Tenn.Archimania's design goals for Hattiloo Theatre included completing the project with a modest budget, simplify the design, define components that were permanent and components that could be added in the future. This allows the owner to add lighting and other elements at a later time without compromising building quality.

The modern performance art venue is divided into two main volumes: the performance volume and lower volume. It has irregular massing that reflects the required internal volume. Archimania specified shingled siding to clad two box-shaped volumes to lend continuity and texture to the façade. Additionally, it chose Cor-Ten cladding for its ability to weather, and to add permanence to the building and the character of the entertainment district.

Jessie Bryant Roofing installed 1,900 square feet of Western States Metal Roofing's Cor-Ten steel Standing Seam SS675 Panels on the walls of the lower volume for the 11,041-square-foot project, which was completed in July 2014.

The performance volume contains two black box theaters, support spaces and an administration volume. The two theaters were conceived as windowless boxes and are located at the northern edge of the site, abutting a neighboring parking lot.

The lower volume contains an entry lobby, ticketing and administrative spaces. Archimania designed it to present a welcoming pedestrian scale along the south edge of Monroe Avenue, which is the secondary street to the site.

Hattiloo Theatre is a black repertory theater. Repertory theaters present works from a specific repertoire or sub-genre. Hattiloo Theatre specializes in producing plays authored by black writers to deepen multicultural understanding and deliver high-quality art to the Memphis community.

General contractor: Grinder, Taber and Grinder Inc., Memphis
Architect: Archimania, Memphis
Architect consultant: Self Tucker Architects, Memphis
Installer: Jessie Bryant Roofing, Memphis
Metal roof panels: Western States Metal Roofing, Phoenix,