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Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel Lobby, Frankfurt, Germany

The Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel Lobby in Frankfurt, Germany, contains artistic elements that flow throughout the space and incorporate themes of flight and transportation. JOI Design, Hamburg, Germany, created a unique and functional area, particularly near the reception desk, which is offset by two golden canopies in the shape of wings. The golden wings are made from 3,200 square feet of metal mesh in the Mandarin weave from GKD-USA Inc., Cambridge, Md. The finely woven bronze-fabric enabled designers to underscore the noble impression of the interior and to use targeted light effects to enhance its appearance.

The reception desk is located in a seven-story atrium and lobby that focuses on themes of flight and mobility. The designers intended to create a retreat for the large number of business travelers passing through. By using natural shapes and colors, guests gain a sense of leaving behind the noisy traffic environment and coming to a place to refresh and relax. Other objectives of the design were to provide division of space and build an emotional relationship to the guest, through even the most subtle design elements.