Office & Mixed-Use

IBM Offices at Dulles Station West, Herndon, Va.

Part of the massive Dulles Station campus, IBM occupies 122,000 square feet on five floors of the 180,000-square-foot Dulles Station West Building 1. The new offices truly reflect today’s mobile workforce. The design team at VOA Associates Inc. implemented IBM’s new e-workplace guidelines, an initiative intended to create a workplace environment more closely aligned with the mobile patterns of IBM employees.

Petersen Aluminum Corp.’s 18-inch Clear Anodized 0.125-inch aluminum PAC-100 F Flush Series column covers contributed to the design success of the Mobility Area where IBM employees can access power and data receptacles set in the columns at floating elliptical worktables. The majority of the office’s workspaces are unassigned and intended to be used on a temporary basis. The Mobility Area is designed specifically for a transient workforce looking for quick in-and-out workspace.

“It was somewhat unusual to use anodized aluminum for an interior application but that’s what was specified. Our distributor partner recommended Petersen and the quality and consistency of the product was great,” says Ty Irvin, founder and president of Irvin Services Inc., the installer.


Architect: VOA Associates Inc., Washington, D.C.

Installer: Irvin Services Inc., Hummelstown, Pa.

Distributor: Weaver’s Glass & Building Specialties Inc., Harrisburg, Pa.

Column covers: Petersen Aluminum Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.,, Circle #XX