Logan High School, Russellville, Ky.

Eastern Corp. and Morin Corp., a Kingspan Group company, roll formed metal roof panels for four buildings at Logan High School. One building is attached to the main school building and the other three are smaller out-buildings. In total, the companies installed 89,200 square feet of Morin’s 18-inch-wide, 22-gauge Galvalume, Symmetry standing seam roof system in PVDF Regal White. The panels have 2 1/2-inch legs. Panels on one side of the main building’s roof are 161 feet, 2 inches long; on the other side the panels are 46 feet long.

Due to the ground being soft following heavy rain, Basil Slagle, production manager and roll former operator at Morin, positioned the roll former about 100 feet from the roof eaves. Three scissor lifts were rolled into place in line between the roll former and the roof edge.

Slagle says, “For the longer panels we had 11 men on the roof. We also had three separate scissor lifts between the roll former and the eave with men on them to guide the panels to the roof because that’s as close as we could get with the roll former.”

Slagle ran a 100-foot-long sacrifice panel to use as a bridge from the roll former to the roof. Panels going on to the roof slid across the sacrifice panel to the roof, where crew members carried them to a staging spot on the roof.

After the panels were in place, the battens were installed and seamed around the 2 1/2-inch legs of each pan. The battens were cut to 46 feet to match the panel length for the shorter roof. To batten and seam the 161-foot, 2-inch panels, the battens were cut to 81 feet and lapped near the center. Additionally, Eastern installed 1,100 feet of Sno Gem Inc.’s iBeam snow retention system.

Nancy Mullins, senior project manager at Eastern, says, “We had anywhere from 12-17 crew members at the site at a given time. The challenges were the logistical hurdles like getting the scissor lifts in place and getting the panels to the roof and stacking them. We install all the panels and then come back to install the seam cap and do the seaming.”