Mandara Spa at Atlantis, Bahamas

Lori Rapport, head of Lori Rapport Interior Design, envisioned two dramatic waterfalls, each7 feet (2 m) wide and 30 feet (9 m) high, embracing the spa visitor as she enters the lobby at the Mandara Spa. Harmonic Environments Inc. used Cascade Coil Drapery Inc.’s wiremesh stainless-steel fabric to hold and guide the flow of water on the backlit waterfalls. “When water is applied to Cascade’s wiremesh fabric it produces a beautiful patterning of water and holds light very well. The effect is spectacular,” said Michelle Frazier, Harmonic Environments’ senior marketing manager.

“Decorative accents are a powerful method of displaying personality, especially in the hospitality industry,” said Ronald A. Schoenheit, president of Cascade Coil. “The extra zing a room needs to show itself off can be large or small, simple or luxurious, but it is precisely those accents that create ambiance and character.”

The waterfalls flowed from the ceiling over the custom Cascade Coil towers into a shard pool, creating a dramatic accent to form the centerpiece of the lobby’s personality.

Interior designer: Lori Rapport Interior Design, Oviedo, Fla.
Waterfalls: Harmonic Environments Inc., Juno Beach, Fla.
Metal fabric: Cascade Coil Drapery Inc., Tualatin, Ore.,