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Mercy Flights, Medford, Ore.

The project is located on the Rogue Valley International- Medford airport (MFR). The airspace provides replacement operational facilities for Mercy Flights Inc., a non-profit organization providing ground and air ambulance services to the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon. The project features a Rigid Frame metal building system from American Buildings Co., as well as Standing Seam 360 metal roof panels in Regal Blue and insulated metal wall panels in Imperial White.

The project included the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new campus, including: an aircraft hangar and ground ambulance maintenance shop, ambulance dispatch and operations and training building, as well as covered ambulance parking. The aircraft hangar structure is a pre-engineered metal building in seismic zone 'D' and designed to Essential Facility standards. Approximately one-third of the floor plan is a Ground Ambulance Maintenance Shop separated from the three-bay aircraft hangar that makes up the remaining two-thirds of the floor plan.

The south exterior wall is flanked by preengineered metal canopies that provide protected parking for the ambulances. The north side of the building makes use of three hangar doors that have clear openings of nearly 60 feet wide and 28 feet high. While very large, these doors can easily be operated by a single person manually. The doors open directly onto the airport tarmac for the immediate access that's required to transport critically injured patients to treatment centers as quickly as possible. These hangar bays house two fixed-wing aircraft with 51-foot wing spans, and one helicopter.

The maintenance shop portion of the building provides maintenance areas for up to four vehicles at a time, along with office, and adjacent covered parking for their ambulance fleet. Additionally, two separate and free-standing pre-engineered metal canopies provide additional covered parking for ambulances around the site, as they await cleaning and restocking of supplies before being dispatched for their next shift.

Architect: David Thruston, AIA, White City, Ore.

Builder: S & B James Construction, White City

Pre-engineered metal building: American Buildings Co., Eufaula, Ala.,

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