Office & Mixed-Use

Minneapolis Regional Acceleration Center and Office Building

Photo: Brennan Photo Video

THOR Construction, serving as its own general contractor, constructed its former headquarters as part of a 70,000-square-foot mixed-used building in Minneapolis. The general contractor is no longer in business, and the mixed-use facility is called the Minneapolis Regional Acceleration Center and Office Building. It contains multi-tenant office space and retail space.

The building design incorporates sharp architectural lines that run horizontally and vertically. The lines elongate the look of the building and create a crosshatch pattern. Ribbed metal panels continue the lengthy geometric lines. The zinc panels’ texture softens the sharp lines in the corrugated panels. Panels with an Anthra-Zinc Black finish were chosen to contrast with a blue reflection from glass, and match other black elements on the building including perforated wall art and window trim.

MG McGrath Inc. fabricated and installed its H-Seam flat lock metal wall panels in 1-mm-thick VMZINC in two finishes: Anthra Zinc Black finish and Rouge Zinc Red finish. VM Building Solutions USA supplied its VMZINC metal composite material (MCM) for the project. Some VMZINC in Natural Zinc and Quartz Zinc was also used.

MG McGrath also installed 1-mm-thick, 7/8-inch corrugated VMZINC in Anthra Zinc Black. Some of the corrugated panels are perforated.

For some flush-seamed metal panels and soffits, MG McGrath installed CENTRIA’s 22-gauge galvanized steel IW-10A wall panels in a Prismatic three-coat finish.