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Patterson Farms’ Grain Center, Fillmore, Mo.

Photo: Steve Waechter, Sukup Manufacturing Co.

Project goals for Patterson Farms’ grain center were to provide an integrated, weather-controlled environment for loading/unloading grain trucks and winter storage of grain trucks. The 4,400-square-foot project includes four attached buildings, a hopper substructure and hopper bin.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. supplied its milled steel, three-plate welded steel framing. It also supplied cold-formed steel and secondary structural framing for the project.

Four metal building systems were used. One metal building section is 28 feet wide by 24 feet long by 29 1/2 feet tall. The second building is 22 feet wide by 20 feet long by 20 feet tall. The third building is 22 feet wide by 35 feet long by 26 1/2 feet tall, and the fourth is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long by 10 feet tall.

Miller Welding installed 4,936 square feet of Sukup Manufacturing’s MSP wall panels in Polar White and 639 square feet of MSP panels in Fern Green for wainscot. At the walls, 7,325 square feet of MIP liner panels in Polar White were installed.

For the roof, Miller Welding installed 1,895 square feet of Sukup Manufacturing’s MAP panels in Fern Green. At each of the building’s two ends, Overhead Door Corp.’s overhead doors were installed. Global Building Products supplied walkthrough doors. For the whole project, approximately 22,500 pounds of steel were used for building framing, 22,000 pounds for secondary supports and 13,200 pounds for panels and other components.

A customized, 18-foot diameter, three-ring hopper bin was used. The project is designed to prevent movement that could lead to leaking around the hopper bin. The hopper bin is mounted on a substructure, which is integrated with the building’s substructure. This allows the hopper bin and building to move together instead of independently of one another.

Integrating the hopper support structure into the building also provides more side room clearance for the trucks. It provides ample clearance for grain trucks to unload grain into a pit equipped with a conveyor, and to load grain from the hopper bin.

Ron Patterson, owner of Patterson Farms, says, “[The grain center is] very efficient in terms of manpower and energy usage, able to unload 2,500 bushels of grain in less than five minutes. It's just real quick and efficient.”

Patterson Farms’ grain center is part of the company’s grain management center, which includes multiple storage bins equipped with sweeping machines and conveyor unload systems. It also has two bucket elevators and distribution equipment including drag conveyors.

Metal was chosen for strength, durability, fire resistance and low maintenance. The $97,000 project was completed in November 2016.