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Port of Miami Tunnel, Miami

Photo: Robin Hill
Photo: Robin Hill

Metal cladding for the Port of Miami Tunnel’s roof changes appearance depending on light conditions as the structure is highly visible day and night. Spantek, a division of UMI Co. Inc., supplied a PVDF coated aluminum screen with an orange color recognizable during the day. The metal mesh is backlit and glows at night. The metal mesh spanning the concrete structure was selected for its ability to maintain strength in changing weather conditions for a long time period. Multiple variations of mesh were considered and samples were placed on nearby roofs to gauge the effects of day and night lighting.

Robert Lloyd of Arquitectonica International Corp., was the project architect. He said a project goal was to make the large elevated steel structure and concrete infrastructure structurally sound while visually lightening its weighty nature. The Port Miami Tunnel Project provides access between the seaport and major highways, thus creating an additional entry to Port Miami and improving traffic flow to downtown Miami.

Architect: Arquitectonica International Corp., Miami

Metal mesh: Spantek, a division of UMI Co. Inc., Hopkins, Minn.,