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Queen Beatrice International Airport, Oranjestad, Aruba

Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez of ArteSano Design Studio specified Móz Designs Inc.'s decorative metal surfacing in Classic Colors throughout terminals at Queen Beatrice International Airport.

Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez of ArteSano Design Studio specified Móz Designs Inc.'s decorative metal surfacing in Classic Colors throughout terminals at Queen Beatrice International Airport. Features include an entry canopy, column and counter covers, pedestrian archways, overhead mobiles, flight displays and wall art. The project was completed in 2014.

The facetted, tapered and geometric entry canopy is an extended roof fascia constructed with Móz's solid core 0.09-inch aluminum in Sapphire Blue with a Clouds grain. Approximately 1,700 square feet, 160 panels, of Móz Designs' metals were installed on the fascia.

Ernie Ngo, general manager at Móz Designs, oversaw engineering and production. "Flat metal panels were furnished for direct application over an existing structure and installed with mechanical fasteners, concealed by a matching trim," he says.

A soffit in Sage Green with a Ripples grain under the fascia is visible from the central terminal. Cherry-toned Brazilian columns with a Coarse grain support the structure. Approximately 4,800 square feet, 206 panels, were used on the roof soffit, and 1,000 square feet, 105 panels, of Móz Designs' metals create tree-toned columns. Ruiz- Vasquez says the color composition is a reference to the island environment. "The Sapphire Blue sea and sky, the Sage Green tropical foliage and the Brazilian Cherry tree trunks-they define the destination," she says.

The original arrival hall and baggage area had concrete columns, Ruiz-Vasquez says. "So we created colorful points of interest by incorporating three different color themes on column covers that visually and physically lead you through the terminal terminal," she says. "Initially, you see Brass tones, then Copper, and at last sunny Champagne that draws you into the sun of Aruba."

Solid core aluminum panels with Móz Designs' Thunder and Clouds Grain were directly applied over the existing concrete on approximately 40 16-inch diameter and 24-inch diameter columns in the arrival area. Matching vertical trim strips were installed at the seams.

A pass-through Wall Weave archway from Móz Designs enlarges the doorway with a 12- foot height and approximate 30-foot length. "The woven effect is a local reference-basket and hat weaving are still popular crafts in the Caribbean," Ruiz-Vasquez says. "And the fiery red ribbons reflect the heart and passion of the people of Aruba."

The customized Wall Weave framing the doorway covers approximately 200 square feet and is finished in Electric Red with a Coarse grain pattern. Each Weave panel measures 12 inches wide, 0.05- inch thick and has a polycoat gloss finish. Vertical poles holding the ribbons in place feature a Smooth grain with a clear finish and were shipped in six pre-assembled sections. Installers secured mounting cleats to the wall and the Weave segments were mated to them.

Reflective mobiles from Móz Designs were installed overhead near the customs area. "The area has a cavernous ceiling, so we lowered it by installing Móz perforated metal panels to create better proportions and a more human scale," Ruiz-Vasquez says. Each mobile consists of eight formed segments that were field assembled and suspended from the ceiling structure with aircraft cable at various heights and tilt angles. They have a trapezoidal shape and were fabricated with 0.09- inch aluminum. Most measure 10 feet, 4 inches by 16 feet, 2 inches and are 1 1/2 inches thick.

Counter fronts and flight monitors in the boarding area were clad in tropical colors specified for each gate; colored columns were built in the concessions area. "Each boarding area now has a designated color theme as a visual guide to help visitors identify their gate," Ruiz-Vasquez says.

Architect: ArteSano Design Studio, Aruba

Decorative metals: Móz Designs Inc., Oakland, Calif.,