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Ridgeley Train Station, Ridgeley, Md.

A historic train station, the site features a new PC
Snap-On System (PCP150) metal roof from ATAS
International Inc. The roof features 2,000 square
feet of the 24-gauge steel panels in Redwood. The
PC system consists of two parts: the flat panel and
a separate standing seam. The seam is snapped
over the clips, concealing the fastening system.
The building has a concave slope and using a
curved version of PC (PCV) was required. The PC
system must be applied to a solid substrate.

The trains came to Ridgeley in 1868, when the
United States was rebuilding after the Civil War, into
a station that was built in 1867. The small village
became a hub of activity because of the trains, and
soon required a school, post office, hotel and new
train station to be built in 1892. Changes in transportation
led to the station being closed in the 1950s.
Since then, the modest train station has been a
town office and doctor's office. Now owned by
the Commissioners of Ridgeley it was important to
maintain the history and reroof the building.

Owner: Commissioners of Ridgeley, Ridgeley

Installer: Gene Mazzatenta, Ridgeley

Distributor: Superior Distribution, Easton, Md.

Metal roof panels: ATAS International Inc., Allentown, Pa.,