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Southwest Airlines Co.'s hangar at Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Fla.

Southwest Airlines Co.'s hangar at Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Fla.Metal sub-purlins and metal roof panels were installed over a metal roof at the end of its service life on Southwest Airlines Co.'s hangar at Orlando International Airport. The metal-over-metal roof system was engineered to harden the existing roof from 100 mph wind uplift to 136 mph Florida Building Code (FBC) wind speed. The building's interior could not be exposed and maintenance operations could not be interrupted to remove and replace the existing roof.

The existing buildings' eave height was 50 feet and the roof slope was 3:12. Commercial Siding and Maintenance Co. installed approximately 15,950 feet of Roof Hugger Inc.'s 16-gauge Model D subpurlins and 75,000 square feet of McElroy Metal's 24-gauge 238T standing seam metal roof panels painted in low-gloss Regal White PDVF Fluoropolymer. The panels were rollformed on-site and R-16 fiberglass insulation was installed between the existing roof and the underside of the new roof.

Palram Americas Inc. supplied 4,000 square feet of polycarbonate wall daylighting panels for the project, which was completed in January 2015. Additionally, Force Engineering and Testing Inc. designed and Commercial Siding and Maintenance Co. fabricated a custom rooftop walkway, and Independent Protection Co. supplied UL-rated lightning protection. Large roof vents and equipment screens common in paint hangars were removed.

Owner/architect: Southwest Airlines Co., Dallas
General contractor/installer: Commercial Siding and Maintenance Co., Houston
Walkway designer: Force Engineering and Testing Inc., Humble, Texas
Daylighting: Palram Americas Inc., Kutztown, Pa.,
Lightning protection: Independent Protection Co., Goshen, Ind.,
Metal roof panels: McElroy Metal, Bossier City, La.,
Sub-purlins: Roof Hugger Inc., Lutz, Fla.,