Agriculture & Self Storage

Spencer NF LLC, Spencer, Iowa

Photo: Jerry Uittenbogaard

Spencer NF’s screening and nonferrous plants are housed in a metal building with two sections, one enclosed and one open to the outside. The building is a receiving plant for scrap metals and shipping plant for refined metal.

The entire 90,000-square-foot building is 200 feet wide by 450 feet long. The enclosed section is 200 feet wide by 300 feet long by 40 feet tall. The section open to the outside is 200 feet wide by 150 feet long by 46 feet tall.

The roof on the enclosed section has a 1:12 pitch and 48-foot-tall ridge. The enclosed section also has Thermal Design Inc.’s Simple Saver System insulation.

The section that is open to the outside for access for side dump trucks and full-size end-dump trailers has a 2:12 pitch and 62-foot tall ridge. Both sections house massive equipment and conveyors to aid in recycling many types of scrap metal.

The screening and nonferrous plants building has eight overhead doors and loading docks for pay loader and truck entry. Interior columns were positioned to avoid interference with equipment and production.

The project utilized Behlen Building Systems’ metal building system. On the enclosed end of the facility, Big Johnson Construction installed 60,000 square feet of Behlen Building Systems’ 24-gauge, ZL-24 standing seam roof system in Galvalume.

On the open end of the building, Big Johnson Construction installed 30,000 square feet of Behlen Building Systems’ 26-gauge API screw-down panels in Galvalume.

For the walls, Big Johnson Construction installed 43,000 square feet of Behlen Building Systems’ ADP-l 26-gauge sheeting with Akzo Nobel Inc.’s Ceram-A-Star coating in Polar White. Additionally, 3,760 square feet of metal trim in Patrician Bronze were installed.

Approximately 720,000 pounds of steel were used to build the project, which was completed in February 2015.