Alexander II Magnet School, Macon, Ga.

Photo: Steven Bullock Photographer

A standing seam roof system was used to roof-over Alexander II Magnet School’s shingled roof. The 41,650-square-foot project is one building with multiple wings and sections.

Pittman Waller Roofing Co. installed 275 squares of McElroy Metal’s 138T Shingle Recover System. The 24-gauge panels are coated in Kynar 500 Ash Gray and were roll formed at McElroy Metal’s factory.

After thermal scans were done to identify wet insulation, retrofit modified bitumen was installed over existing modified bitumen at low slope areas. Existing fascia was reconstructed to eliminate original internal gutters and add external gutters.

The retrofit roof system avoids the effects of uneven shingles and minimizes the possibility of oil canning and panel distortion. Pittman Waller Roofing used 18-gauge framing to shim bowed decking. The new roof panels span two shingles, which keeps the eave to ridge plane consistent.

The 138T Shingle Recover System was specified for its long service life, appearance and function as a cool roof component. The system includes stand-off shingle clips and vented ridge and eave details. The clips maintain 3/4-inch unobstructed, above-sheeting air cavities between the shingles and new roof panels. The design causes a convection effect, pulling air through vented eaves and out vented ridge assemblies. The project was completed for $471,902 in September 2017.