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Sterilite Corp., Ennis, Texas

Photo: Tony Corso
Photo: Tony Corso

Harrison, Walker and Harper LP completed a large-scale, design-build project to construct Sterilite’s 409,500-square-foot distribution center. Harrison, Walker and Harper cleared the 160-acre site, demolished existing structures, and installed site utilities, storm drainage and retention. Site-wide, Harrison, Walker and Harper moved 450,000 cubic yards of native material.

To address the site’s expansive soil quality, Harrison, Walker and Harper moisturized and processed soil in the building footprint to 10 feet below finish grade. In total, Harrison, Walker and Harper excavated, processed, placed and compacted 330,000 cubic yards of material.

Harrison, Walker and Harper mixed 830 tons of lime to seal a moisture-conditioned building pad and imported 26,700 cubic yards of select fill for a building pad cap. For utilities, Harrison, Walker and Harper installed 4,200 feet of 12-inch fire lines, 12 fire hydrants and 7 post-indicator valves.

Harrison, Walker and Harper also installed an on-site lift station, and 1,800 feet of 18-inch to 36-inch storm sewer including junction boxes and headwalls. In a related project for the City of Ennis, Harrison, Walker and Harper replaced a light duty, asphalt road with a concrete, paved, heavy truck access road to the site.

Cannon Steel Erection Inc. erected Nucor Building Systems’ metal building system with steel beams in Gray primer to construct the facility. On the roof, Cannon Steel Erection installed 450,000 square feet of Nucor Metal Buildings’ 24-gauge CFR standing seam roof system in White. On the walls, Cannon Steel Erection and Harrison, Walker and Harper installed 70,000 square feet of Nucor Metal Buildings’ 26-gauge Classic Wall panels in White.

For daylighting, Cannon Steel Erection installed 27,200 square feet of Nucor Building Systems’ translucent panels for clerestory across the top of the walls. Additionally, Johnson Equipment Co. installed 40 of Overhead Door Corp.’s 8 1/2-foot-wide by 9-foot-tall overhead doors with Entrematic Group AB’s Kelley brand dock levelers, seals and locks. The project was completed for $16.9 million in January 2016.