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Two years ago, a group of visionary businessmen decided to create a storage facility that combined standard residential and commercial self storage with boat and RV storage. Not that this concept was unique and hadn't been done before, but these owners decided it was time for a state-of-the-art, ultra-modern, first-class version that would appeal to any person concerned with preserving and protecting their valuable investments from weather in a safe, secure and convenient location.

To that end, Storage Central opened in December 2010, strategically located in a high-traffic area between the inner and outer loops of Raleigh, N.C.

But like many new businesses, it had its share of roadblocks getting the project from concept to fruition.

Protracted Development Process

The development process on the property began in fall 2008 and the challenges were constant and steady, from the first site layout and design right up to obtaining the final Certificate of Occupancy.

The first setback came in spring 2009 when the owners were denied a permit by the public utilities department to construct a sewer dump station for their RV customers.

Then, in the late summer of the same year, all construction approvals, with the exception of one mechanical trade, were suddenly withdrawn by the city. Why? They decided to re-classify an RV storage building as an "indoor parking garage," rather than a storage building. This decision triggered several design changes, including the costly additions of a sprinkler system and exhaust ventilation systems for every individual RV unit. These changes were in addition to many other necessary dictates, such as tree conservation areas, landscaping, installing new water, sewer and power lines, and building a bio-cell retention pond for best management practices ensuring an environmentally compatible site.

In spite of these unusual and sometimes aggravating and costly delays, Storage Central now stands in the vanguard of first-rate storage facilities.

What Makes an Exceptional Storage Facility

Phase One is 58,000 square feet with plans for a total of 150,000 square feet, when the project is built out. Materials used were pre-painted, pre-engineered galvanized metal building components with a brick veneer, brick and metal ornamental fencing, and concrete and paved drives.


Boat and RV, as well as standard self-storage, offer a variety of sizes and leasing options to suit most everyone. Retail supplies are available onsite for both boat and RV storage, and standard self-storage.

The well-lighted facility has all the necessary safety equipment, including perimeter fencing, 24/7 digital recording security cameras, a controlled entry gate and an on-site manager. And attention to detail goes into every storage category.

Boat and RV Storage: Customers have two choices here: Private, fully-enclosed storage units, individually heated and cooled (or just heated), with individual door alarms, sprinkler system and carbon monoxide sensors, which is basically an exhaust ventilation system to remove any fumes from a running motor.

Fully-enclosed units offer a variety of sizes to choose from: 800 square feet to 1,500 square feet, all with 15-foot ceilings.

Semi-private units offer 15- by 50-foot bays, with 20-foot ceilings, concrete floor, commercial grade coated chain-link fence sides, solid backwall and roof, and a door with a security latch.

Standard Storage: Offers storage for residential and commercial customers alike with standard and non-climate controlled units.

There are a variety of unit sizes available from 50 square feet (5 by 10 feet), to 400 square feet

(20 by feet).

Boxes and packing supplies are available on site and commercial deliveries are accepted.

Climate Controlled Storage: Centrally-controlled air system offers a secure, dry and enclosed environment. This is ideal for contents that require temperature or humidity control.

As with standard storage, the same sizes are available for residential and commercial customers, from 50 to 400 square feet.

In spite of the challenges that faced Storage Central over the first two years, the finished product is uncommon in concept, quality and convenience. Storage customers in the Raleigh area can now enjoy a superior, safe and state-of-the-art accommodation for their valuables.

Terry Campbell is vice president of sales & marketing for Statesville, N.C.-based BETCO, a single-source manufacturer of self-storage buildings and components. Visit for more information.