Office & Mixed-Use

United Therapeutics, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Completed in February 2009, the $100 million, 205,000-square-foot (19,045-m2) office facility for pharmaceutical development is nestled away in the tall white pines of the office park.

ALPOLIC Materials from Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc. supplied 1,699 square feet (158 m2) of 0.16-inch (4- mm) aluminum composite material PE Core in BBR Red and 47,129 square feet (4,378 m2) in LTG Gray.

The ACM was chosen to convey the high-tech nature of the client’s business and its ability to be structurally sound, yet formable to mold into geometric shapes to engage the nature around itself, with cantilevered overhangs, canopies, walls, and columns and beam wraps both inside and out. A custom Light Grey was chosen as a subtle, yet stable, backdrop to enhance flowing lines and interactive joint lines. Bright Red is featured to draw attention and energy to the main entrance that houses a multistory cylindrical aquarium inside the foyer.

For the project, the ACM was molded into geometric shapes. The red canopy was installed to look as though it was knifed through from the exterior to the interior. Though there is glass between the inside and outside canopy, the ACM was installed to flow, making it appear as though it is one continuous piece of ACM, creating an optical illusion.

Owner: United Therapeutics, Silver Spring, Md.
General contractor: DPR Construction Inc., Falls Church, Va.
Architect: O’Neal, Morrisville, N.C.
Installer: SECO Architectural Systems Inc., Snellville, Ga.
Fabricator: Altech Panel Systems LLC, Cartersville, Ga.
Roofing contractor: Baker Roofing, Greensboro, N.C.
Glass & Glazing: Ranger Specialized Glass Inc., Houston
Metal wall panels: Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc., Chesapeake, Va.,