Health Care

UPMC Outpatient Center, Ebensburg, Pa.

Photo courtesy of IMETCO

Colorful metal panels at various depths create a distinct appearance on the exterior of UPMC Outpatient Center. The project utilized structural insulated panels (SIPs) and a rainscreen system.

For the building envelope, Hudson Construction Inc., general contractor for the project, installed more than 20,000 square feet of SIPs, Syntheon Inc.’s Accel-E Wall Panels.

For exterior cladding, Hudson Construction installed IMETCO’s IntelliScreen rainscreen and Element metal wall panels coated in four colors of Fluropon coating from Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings (formerly Valspar Corp.).

The company installed 10,000 square feet of Element panels 1.25 inches deep in Weathered Copper; 8,000 square feet, 4 inches deep, in Almond Suede; 4,200 square feet, 4 inches deep, in Roman Copper mica finish; and 1,000 square feet, 4 inches deep, in Georgian Brick. Additionally, Hudson Construction installed 1,500 square feet of IMETCO’s 3-inch-deep Latitude concealed fastener equipment screen panels with factory mitered corners, and concealed splice plates, in Platinum Silver.

The Element panels were attached to horizontally applied, vented hat channels. The pre-punched vented hat channel support framing was affixed at 16-inch on-center vertical stud frames within the SIPs system.

With a combination of vented hat channels and concealed vented trim components at the sill and head conditions, the assembled system performs as a back-ventilated, dry-seal rainscreen system via continuous convection ventilation. The use of 4-inch and 1.15-inch-depth panels in the same surface plane provided the aesthetics of offset panels without additional framing.

The three-story, 46,500-square-foot UPMC Outpatient Center was completed for $20 million.