Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022

The product Metal Construction News readers most often asked for more information on in the last year was the EcoScreen perforated wall panel by Lewisville, Texas-based Metl-Span, which takes the top spot in our annual Readers’ Choice awards. Anyone who has looked at contemporary building construction has seen the increased use of perforated panels. They are a versatile metal building product, providing a unique—and often branded—decorative element as well as shading sun-struck walls while still allowing natural light to penetrate. With more stringent energy codes, they have become essential tools for designers.

By Paul Deffenbaugh

Metlspan Ecoscreen Br536 June21 1

The importance of natural light also played a role in other top products including the second-ranked OptiView diffuser by Vista, Calif.-based Solatube International Inc. and third-ranked AC85 acoustic window from Flushing, N.Y.-based Crystal Window & Door Systems Ltd.

In previous years, many of the top Readers’ Choice awards went to roofing products, and this year was no exception. Three different underlayments got the attention of our readers; several types of roofing panels, and metal shakes and shingles showed on the list as well as a couple of accessories.

For a product to be considered for the Readers’ Choice Awards, it must have been featured in our editorial coverage between the June 2021 and May 2022 issues of Metal Construction News. We tracked the leads generated by each product from our readers and ranked them according to the number of leads.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Metal Construction News Readers’ Choice Awards.

Metlspan Ecoscreen Br536 June21 1

1. Metl-Span
EcoScreen perforated wall panels
June 2021

Metl-Span added four EcoScreen perforated stainless steel or painted aluminum wall panels to the product line. EcoScreen BR5-36 panels and EcoScreen Style-Rib panels have 36-inch coverage and ribs spaced 7.2 inches on-center. EcoScreen Econolap 3/4-inch panels have pronounced corrugation and span capability. EcoScreen MR3-36 panels are 3 inches deep and have three evenly spaced ribs. All the panels are available with staggered or reversed perforation patterns.


Solatube Optiview Lens Nov21 1

2. Solatube International Inc.
OptiView diffusers
February 2022

Solatube’s OptiView light-shaping diffusers are lenses oriented to guide daylight without glare, aberrations or flash. The light diffusers have a frost-like appearance, and micro-replicated lens technology with pseudo-randomized lens orientations that guides daylight and delivers diffused daylight. OptiView Wide is used for horizontal, ambient illumination and/or wall washing lighting. OptiView Superwide has high-angle illumination and is used for wall washing and volumetric daylighting. OptiView Narrow is used for highlighting specific objects in a space and for creating pools of high illuminance. LED lighting kits are optional and assemblies (dome, flashing, tubing, diffuser) have seals to prevent insect and dirt infiltration.


Crystal Ac85 July21 1

3. Crystal Window & Door Systems Ltd.
AC85 acoustic windows
July 2021

Crystal Window and Door Systems’ series AC85 acoustic windows reduce sound transmission from the exterior. The aluminum window has a dual sash and thermally broken, deep frame. It comes in casement, fixed or combinations of the two styles. The window’s 1 1/4-inch glazing pocket accepts double- or triple-insulated glass units.


Petersen Woodgrains Aug22 1

4. Petersen Aluminum Corp.
70% PVDF wood grain finishes
June 2021

Petersen’s Precision Series steel and aluminum tiles for roofs and walls come in a variety of styles including Flat, Cupped and Diamond. Cupped tiles catch light at multiple angles and Flat tiles can be used in modern or traditional designs. Diamond tiles can be installed horizontally or at angles to create diamond or clapboard patterns. They come in 46 standard colors as well as anodized finishes.


Moz Digital Perforated Sept21 7

5. Móz Designs Inc.
Custom digital perforated metals
September 2021

Móz Designs offers custom digital perforated metals. Custom hole patterns can imprint branding, images and other designs on perforated panels. Digital perforated designs are produced with solid-core 0.063-inch aluminum panels in 4-foot by 10-foot sheets to 1/4-inch thick. The perforated metals are used for walls, space dividers, ceilings and exterior applications.


Steelscape Rustic Rawhide Jan21 222

6. Steelscape LLC
Rustic Rawhide Textured finish
June 2021

Steelscape offers Rustic Rawhide textured finish, a painted steel available in either coil or flat sheets. It features a specialty paint that crinkles during the curing process. Metal is cleaned, painted, then cured in the production process, and a printed design with a textured, realistic, weathered look is created.


Classic Country Manor June21 1

7. Classic Metal Roofing Systems
Country Manor Shakes
June 2021

Classic Metal Roofing’s Country Manor Shakes are produced in aluminum formed with the look of eight individual and deeply grained simulated shakes of varying height, width and thickness to duplicate the 3-D appearance of cedar shakes. The 0.019-inch-thick aluminum shakes panels are 48 inches long by 12 inches wide, and 25 panels cover 100 square feet (46 pounds per square).


Ox Tough Skin Ht May21 2

8. Ox Engineered Products LLC
ToughSkin HT Ice and Water Guard underlayment
December 2021

Ox Engineered Products’ ToughSkin HT Ice and Water Guard is a roof underlayment for metal roofs and tile roofs. It has a rubberized asphalt adhesive base layer for adhesion including in high-temperature climates. The roof underlayment has woven and non-woven reinforcement layers that are laminated together, a UV-shielded waterproof layer for protection from rain, snow and ice, and a top layer with a SlipSafe walking surface.


S5 Aug22 3

9. S-5!
February 2022

S-5!’s PVKIT is a direct-attach solar solution for metal roofs. Paired with the PVKIT, S-5!’s PVKONCEAL module skirt conceals front faces of solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, and protects mechanical and electrical components.


Armstrong Axiom June21 1

10. Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Axiom Indirect Field Light Coves
June 2021

Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions offers Axiom Indirect Field Light Coves for its MetalWorks and WoodWorks ceilings. An adjustable trim clip allows for a range to 3 3/4 inches to accommodate specialty panels. Axiom Indirect Field Light Coves can be used for ceiling-to-wall or ceiling-to-ceiling coves and cut to length on job sites.


Certainteed Winterguard May20 2

11. Certainteed Corp.
WinterGuard metal roof underlayment
December 2021

CertainTeed’s WinterGuard roof underlayment for metal, shingle, slate and mechanically fastened tile roofs is self-adhering and slip-resistant. WinterGuard metal roof underlayment is unaffected by high temperatures caused by sun exposure during installation or when placed under metal roofing. WinterGuard roof underlayment protects roofs from clogged gutters, high winds and ice dams that cause water to accumulate on lower sloped roofs. The roof underlayment is waterproof, does not rip and seals around nails driven through it.


Atas Woodland Series Jan21 1

12. ATAS International Inc.
Woodland Series of panel colors
June 2021

ATAS International offers the Woodland Series of panel colors, four woodgrain patterns: Birch, Cedar, Driftwood and Walnut. The 70% PVDF coatings are available in 0.032-inch-thick aluminum, and used for ceilings, soffits and wall cladding for building interiors and exteriors.


Vicwest Cedar Creek June21 1

13. Vicwest Building Products
Cedar Creek Shakes
June 2021

Vicwest’s Cedar Creek Shakes are produced in 28-gauge Galvalume. They have hidden fasteners, and panels are 50 inches long by 12 inches wide. Cedar Creek Shakes come in six colors: Antique Brown, Burnished Slate, Ebony, Harvest Cedar, Shadow Deep Gray and Silver Springs.


Metl Span Email

14. Metl-Span
BW Universal System and BW Stretch System Back-up Wall Systems
October 2021

Metl-Span offers two backup wall systems: BW Universal System and BW Stretch System. They provide air, water, thermal and vapor protection in an all-in-one barrier component. The BW Universal System is horizontally installed with exterior rainscreen systems and spans to 24 inches on-center. The BW Stretch System is vertically installed with exterior rainscreen systems and spans to 6 feet on-center.


15. GCP Applied Technologies Inc.
GRACE Ice and Water Shield HT underlayment
December 2021

GCP Applied Technologies’ GRACE Ice and Water Shield HT is a high-temperature, self-adhered roof underlayment. It is composed of two waterproofing materials: a rubberized asphalt adhesive and high-performance polymeric film with UV barrier properties. The rubberized asphalt surface is backed with a fold-less release paper that protects adhesive quality. During application, the release paper is easily removed, allowing the rubberized asphalt to bond tightly to roof decks. A RIPCORD embedded in the adhesive allows applicator to split release on demand, making it easy to apply in detail areas.


Tnemec Series1095 July20 2

16. Tnemec Co. Inc.
Series 1070 Fluoronar coating
June 2021

Tnemec’s Series 1070 Fluoronar is a thermoset, high-solids fluoropolymer coating for exterior applications. It can be applied by brush, roll and spraying. The durable finish meets exterior weathering requirements of AAMA 2604-98. Series 1070 Fluoronar retains color and gloss. More than 500 colors in gloss, semi-gloss, satin and metallic finishes are available.


Jlg Telehandler2733 June21 1

17. JLG Industries Inc.
Model 2733 telehandler
March 2022

JLG’s model 2733 telehandler has a 26,600-pound maximum capacity. It has a 33-foot maximum lifting height and 8,000-pound capacity at maximum reach. The 2733 telehandler can be used to haul heavy, bulky materials, load and unload trucks and trailers, and by maintenance and repair personnel on larger fleet equipment.


Laminators Weathered Wood Sept20 1

18. Laminators Inc.
Weathered Wood finish line
June 2021

Laminators added Weathered Wood finish to its line of Designer Series finishes for metal composite material (MCM), which has a 30-year warranty. Eight Designer Series finishes are available including Dark Walnut, Honey Oak, Warm Cherry, Grey Slate, Spanish Stone, Brushed Zinc and Copper Brown. Color-matched aluminum extrusions are offered.