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At METALCON this month, we introduce the new Metal Construction Hall of Fame. Our intent with this award program is to recognize individuals who have made huge impacts on the metal construction industry and, by association, all of our lives.

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Business-all business-is about people. People construct and design our buildings and homes. Our schools, offices, churches, power plants, airports, theaters and museums. People manufacture the products we put in those facilities. People provide both our inspiration and our innovation.

The Metal Construction Hall of Fame breaks through the thick patina of business to reveal the strength of the people at the heart of our commercial efforts. At Metal Construction News, we are honored to introduce the inaugural class of eight inductees in this month's issue:

Dick Bus, ATAS International Inc.
Dave Fulton, Triangle Fastener Corp.
Rob Haddock, S-5!
Gill Harris, Ceco Building Systems
Robert Ketenbrink, Spacemark Inc.
John Lawrence, Modern Trade Communications
Raymond A. Miller Jr., Fleming Building Co.
Marvin K. Snyder, Butler Manufacturing

These people have improved our industry through their devotion and expertise. Without them, the metal construction industry would lack significant innovations in the areas of product design, training, safety, communications, efficiency-in short, we would be less than we are now. Please see their individual profiles, starting on page 15.

Going forward, we expect the Hall of Fame to become a signature event in the metal construction industry. Our first award presentation was at METALCON this year during a reception hosted by MCN and sponsored by S-5! and Firestone Building Products. To help secure its future, we are keeping the award as an independent venture that is only administered by MCN. The judges this year represented the Metal Construction Association, the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association. I want to thank them for their participation, their efforts, their time and their insight.


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