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Overhead Door Brand Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Overhead Door Brand is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding and the development of the world’s first upward-lifting sectional garage door by founder C. G. Johnson and engineering partner Owen Dautrick. In addition, by 1924, Johnson had joined together with Herbert Cady Blodgett to begin producing the first line of electric garage door openers. The Overhead Door™ Brand has since established a centennial legacy as an industry innovator of high-performance solutions for countless homes and businesses. Recognized by its iconic Red Ribbon logo and “The Genuine. The Original.” slogan, Overhead Door Brand sets the standards for quality, ingenuity and design in the garage door industry.

“This tremendous milestone is a testament to the Overhead Door Brand’s ability to lead in this ever-changing consumer landscape by remaining fiercely dedicated to manufacturing high-quality and trustworthy access systems,” said Kelly Terry, President and CEO of Overhead Door Corp. “We wouldn’t have made it to this historic achievement, or earned our reputation as one of the most recognized and respected brands in the garage door industry, without the dedication and support of our valued team members and our hundreds of trusted Red Ribbon Distributors across North America. Both of which have positioned the Overhead Door™ Brand for success in our next 100 years.”

Honoring the same values and mission that have propelled it forward for the last century, the Overhead Door Brand continues to lead toward the future with a steadfast focus on cutting-edge innovation, high-performance construction and world-class service. From industrial high-speed doors that can operate with opening speeds up to 80 inches per second to a vast array of residential solutions that offer superior thermal efficiency, state-of-the-art technology and enhanced aesthetics, the company’s commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality solutions has led to unprecedented feats of engineering and design.

Overhead Door Brand has consistently topped BUILDER magazine’s annual Brand Use Study as one of the highest-ranked garage door brands for quality, brand familiarity and usage among building professionals. This year also marks Overhead Door Brand’s 10th consecutive year to earn the Women’s Choice Award® by WomenCertified, distinguishing the company as the No. 1 most recommended garage door brand in the U.S. by female consumers.

“Millions of homeowners and businesses across North America have doors and access systems that display our distinctive Red Ribbon logo, which represents a part of engineering history,” said Rich Owen, vice president and general manager of Overhead Door Brand. “From the original manually-operated wood doors of the past, all the way to our modern aluminum doors that can be controlled from across the world by a smartphone, the Red Ribbon not only exemplifies a storied past, but also signifies innovation and industry advancement not seen anywhere else.”

Through Oct. 22, 2021, Overhead Door Corp., the parent company of Overhead Door Brand, will pay homage to its heritage with “100 Days of Celebrations” across all its divisions as a unified corporation. Overhead Door™ Brand’s network of more than 450 Red Ribbon distributors across North America will also participate in their own celebratory festivities and are being honored with a dedicated ‘Behind the Ribbon’ page, which highlights their success stories and history with the brand. Overhead Door Brand and its distributors will commemorate the centennial together in-person at its annual Red Ribbon Distributor Meeting in summer 2022.