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SEAA Provides SMEs for Structural & Reinforcing Ironworker, and Welding Training

Six member companies from the Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) are providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to work with NCCER to revise curriculum for Ironworker, Reinforcing Ironworker, and Welding. In addition, the organizations are exploring the interest level for possible future development of a Steel Fabrication curriculum.

“SEAA’s relationship with NCCER goes back many years and continues to evolve as training needs change,” said Geoff Kress, President of SEAA. “We value the opportunity to contribute to curriculum development to meet the specific needs of our members,” he said.

Among the SMEs representing SEAA working on these projects are:

  • Mike Adams, Gulf Coast Rebar Inc.
  • John Garrison, Garrison Steel Erectors Inc.
  • Greg MacLiver, All Things Metal
  • Byan McClure, Trivent Safety Consulting
  • Jack Nix, Shelby Erectors Inc.
  • Scott Wilson, Steel Fabricators LLC

Jack Nix, Vice President of Operations, Shelby Erectors Inc., is acting as an SME for the Reinforcing Ironworker curriculum. “Rodbusters require somewhat different skills than structural ironworkers. I am glad NCCER has decided to update this training to acknowledge those differences. The Reinforcing Ironworker craft training program provides the knowledge needed to succeed. The work itself is physically demanding and labor intensive, but a well-trained crew is safer and more efficient when properly trained,” said Nix.

In addition, several SEAA members include steel fabricators who have been seeking training for fabrication personnel for skills such as blueprint reading, math and measuring, in addition to cutting and welding techniques. NCCER is actively exploring the interest level for development of this type of curriculum. Fabrication companies can provide input by completing this survey.

“Participation in the SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program gives SEAA members access to dozens of other construction craft training, assessments, and certifications,” said Tim Eldridge, President of Education Services Unlimited and SEAA’s Craft Training and Assessment Administrator. “Popular with SEAA members is Crane Operator, Rigger, and Signalperson training.” There are currently more than 30 SEAA members across the country that participate in the SEAA/NCCER network of training units and assessment sites. For more information, visit