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Steel apartment project opens in India

Restello, the steel apartment project designed by U.K. architect Piercy Conner and winner of the Living Steel International Architecture Competition in 2006, is ready to go to market in Kolkata, India. The scheme won not only because of its bold, elegant design, but also because of the strong concept of cross-ventilation and solar-shading that use steel’s properties to make an environmentally sound, high-performance building. Built with renowned developer Bengal Shrachi, Restello will be India’s most modern steel residential project, and it looks set to sell exceptionally well. The skin of the building comprises one permeable outer layer of perforated steel screens, and a second inner skin of floor to ceiling glazing. Between the two layers lies the enviable, unique feature of two-story terraces at the front of the apartments, providing a harmonious flow between the outside world and the internal home.