Light-Gauge Framing

Structural Metal Products – February 2022

Structural metal products were featured in Metal Architecture’s February 2022 issue.

ASC Steel Deck, a business unit of ASC Profiles LLC

ASC Steel Deck’s DeltaGrip Side Lap Attachment System is a steel deck mechanical side-seam attachment system for high diaphragm shear capacities. The system provides high diaphragm capacities similar to top seam welds. The DeltaGrip tool punches three triangular tabs through standing seam interlock side-seams with the rapid action of a pneumatically powered tool. Additionally, the DeltaGrip side lap attachment eliminates field touch-ups, leaving the undersides of exposed steel decks free of undesirable burn marks.

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

ClarkDietrich’s multipurpose, commercial-grade coil strapping for wall framing and floor joist applications has pre-punched holes to ease installation. It is available in 1-, 1 1/2-, 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch widths and lengths from 100 feet to 200 feet. Coil strapping is produced in 18- and 20-gauge steel.

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener’s 14-20 by 1 1/2-inch Fenderhead T-5 fasteners fasten steel to structural steel from 1/4- to 5/8-inch total steel thickness. The 12-24 by 1 1/2-inch T-5 fasteners fasten 1/2-inch of steel thickness. 14-20 by 1 1/2-inch Fenderhead T-5s have integral fender washers with 5/8-inch diameter washer faces. 12-24 by 1 1/2-inch T-5 fasteners have 7/16-inch diameter washer faces. Optional EPDM washers and eight fastener lengths are available: 1 1/2, 2 1/4, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inches.

The Garland Co. Inc.

The Garland Co. Inc.’s R-Mer Shield structural standing seam roof system features a top rail that allows for wide clip spacing and wide panels. The design holds the panel legs in place when uplift pressures act upon panels, resulting in high wind uplift resistance. Panels are produced in galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc. Panel sizes include 12 3/4-, 16 3/4-, 18 3/4- and 24 3/4-inch-wide panels. There are 16 standard colors, as well as designer, premium and vintage stone colors.

MRI Steel Framing LLC

MRI Steel Framing’s PrimeWall 20 EQ stud have web sizes from 1.625-inch to 6-inch and a flange width of 1.344-inch. The design thickness is 0.02-inch (19-mil) for 2.5-, 3.625- and 4-inch studs and 0.0221-inch (21-mil) for 1.625- and 6-inch studs. PrimeWall 20 EQ track has web sizes from 1.625- to 6-inch and leg lengths of 1.25-, 1.5- and 2-inch. The design thickness is 0.02-inch (19-mil) for all track sizes.

Petersen Aluminum Corp.

Petersen’s T-250 structural standing seam roof panels can be installed on roofs with slopes as low as 1/2:12. A wide seam creates bold shadow lines. Panels have a 2.65-inch seam height above roof decks. They come in 16- and 18-inch widths, and in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. Panels can be specified with traditional intermittent fastening clips or continuous clip fastening for open-framing scenarios where extra strength is required.

Telling Industries LLC

Telling Industries’ VersaDry track system allows drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf, mitigating moisture and mold issues and preventing baseboard gypsum damage during construction and building life cycles. Versadry fire rated designs do not need caulk and improve track acoustical performance. Versadry track is available with one or two-piece designs with single- or double-sided options that accommodate one or two pieces of gypsum per side.