A2MG/Sellers and Marquis Headquarters Building, Kansas City, Mo.



Located on 13.8 acres, this 145,000-square-foot metal building became the headquarters for A2MG, a commercial sheet metal and glazing company, and Sellers & Marquis Roofing Co., a commercial roofing company. The building allows the management of the two entities to be under one roof.

The building creates greater capacity and efficiency by having two unique firms working in three trades occupying the same space, working together more closely in the process of design, detailing, fabricating and bidding. This unique “firm” now has the ability to run one contract in all three scopes, assuring the owners and general contractors that they will be responsible for basically the entire building envelope, all under one roof.

The design intent was to showcase A2MG’s construction and fabrication capabilities. The space is adorned with stainless steel, exposed steel columns and beams, metal fabrications and detailing unique to A2MG’s capabilities as a custom metal fabricator. From the handrails to the stainless steel feature wall, to the “light reflectors” at the steel beams, the interior is a showcase of the contractor’s trade. Color was added to enhance the spatial experience and soften the industrial feel.

The majority of the main level is polished concrete, an adaptive reuse of an existing slab. Eighty percent of the building materials can be recycled or are from recycled materials. The entrance canopy has a green roof that can be seen from the stairway to the second level. Bamboo panels define the receptionist’s area. Bamboo was placed on top of the steel railing and stair handrails as an added detail and warmth. The bamboo product was selected first because of its sustainability and unique aesthetic qualities and secondly to contrast the concrete, glass and metal surroundings. Indirect fluorescent lighting was utilized throughout, reducing the number of fixtures required to light the space. Also, the majority of the office space lighting is on-demand, controlled by sensors, as you enter and leave the space. Much of the office space is open to the structure above, eliminating ceiling materials. The exposed deck and structure were painted with low- VOC white paint to enhance the reflectivity of the lighting. Low-VOC paint was used throughout the space. The corridor lighting consists of strip fluorescent lighting
(T5s), fitted with a custom fabricated metal reflector to provide up-light/reflected lighting. Graphic blasted glass panels provide separation and enhance the open feeling of the space.

A2MG custom fabricated 24-gauge 2B stainless steel canopy fascia in custom red; 0.080-aluminum curtainwall accent panels in custom red; 16-gauge 2B stainless steel exterior feature wall panels with shop-applied custom “Toe-Head” finish; 16-gauge 2B stainless steel interior feature wall panels with shop-applied custom “Toe-Head” finish; and 16-gauge 2B stainless steel faux marble finish applied by hand grinding with shop-applied custom “Toe-Head” finish that was perforated in shop with the CNC Punch Press. In addition to the products from A2MG, the project features 8-mm roll-formed vertical profile panels in a Quartz-Zinc finish from Umicore Building Products Inc.; 22-gauge SP-175 horizontal panels G-90 in Silversmith and 22-gauge panel trim in Silversmith from CENTRIA.

The facility has 121,000 square feet of warehouse, manufacturing, maintenance and fabrication space, along with 24,000 square feet of corporate space on two levels. A2MG products and prowess are on display for all to see and experience firsthand-creative use of materials, coupled with interesting spatial experiences, natural light and color-have enhanced productivity and boosted office morale.

Owner/general contractor: MST Investments, Kansas City

Architect: AMAI Architecture, Kansas City

Fabricator and installer: A2MG Inc., Kansas City,


Metal wall panels: CENTRIA, Moon Township, Pa., www.centria.com/reimaginemetal

and Umicore Building Products Inc., Raleigh, N.C., www.vmzinc-us.com,