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Athletes Village at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Photo: Brennan Photo Video

The University of Minnesota’s Athletes Village is a 340,000-square-foot athletic complex with four buildings. The exteriors and interiors of three of the four buildings are clad with multiple types of metal cladding.

BWBR Architects Inc. specified insulated metal panels (IMPs) and aluminum panels, in part, to create modern-looking facilities with lightweight and weather resistant materials. Moreover, metal exterior and interior panels are finished in custom colors—Maroon and Slate Gray—to match team colors.

Metal paneling was used on Athletes Village’s Football Indoor Practice Facility, Football Performance Center and Center for Excellence. In total, MG McGrath Inc. installed more than 225,000 square feet of metal wall panels outside and inside the three buildings.

On the exterior of the Football Indoor Practice Facility, MG McGrath affixed CENTRIA’s Versawall and Versapanel IMPs in custom Maroon and Slate Gray.

On the Football Performance Center, MG McGrath installed four types of metal wall panels: Dri-Design’s Quartz-Zinc panels, CENTRIA’s Flush- Seam panels in Slate Grey, CENTRIA’s corrugated panels in Rich Black, and aluminum panels. MG McGrath fabricated the aluminum panels and Dri- Design panels, and used VM Building Solutions USA Inc.’s Quartz-Zinc for them.

MG McGrath installed three types of metal wall panels on the outside of the Center for Excellence. The project utilized Dri-Design’s Quartz-Zinc panels, CENTRIA’s corrugated panels in Rich Black and aluminum panels. MG McGrath fabricated the Dri- Design panels and aluminum panels.

Inside the three buildings, MG McGrath clad walls with Dri-Design’s aluminum panels. Additionally, MG McGrath custom-formed and installed corrugated metal panels, and installed metal column covers.