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Centre for Youth Excellence, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

centre_for_youth_excellenceBuilt in 2011 and operated by Youth for Christ, the 53,000-square-foot facility offers recreational and support activities for all teenagers, many of whom are disadvantaged. The center provides an indoor skateboard park, fitness center, year-round camping program, counseling center, pre-employment program, indoor and outdoor rock climbing facility, floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and performing arts studios.

The main feature of the center is a Kalzip copper colored curved roof that arches its way down the wall to the busy street below. "During the installation we had to block off the busy intersection while we hoisted the 90-foot-long Kalzip sheets by crane from the street up to the roof," notes Tyler Tomlinson, metal products manager for installer, Flynn Canada Ltd. "But meeting the tight 5-foot radiuses in certain spots was our most important challenge. We used two different gauges of Kalzip material to allow us to make these radiuses. The curves start at the roof and go down the wall away from the building about 12 to 15 feet with another elbow turning into the wall. We also had to get a good seal on the end of the wall while allowing for expansion and contraction. The flexibility of the material and Kalzip's technical expertise also played a role in achieving this."

The building features Kalzip 65/400 in 1.0-mm and 1.2-mm. The roof size is 12,000 square feet and the façade is 10,000 square feet. The project used 230 squares of flat and 38 squares of curved Kalzip material in Copper Penny with a PVDF 3-coat finish. All the sheets were rollformed on-site.

General contractor: Concord Projects, Winnipeg

Architect: Raymond S.C. Wan Architects, Winnipeg

Installer: Flynn Canada Ltd., Winnipeg

Copper roof: Kalzip Inc., Valparaiso, Ind.,,