Cissna Park Apostolic Christian Church, Cissna Park, Ill.

cissnaThe Cissna Park Apostolic Christian church building was built in 1949, replacing a wood frame building that stood across the road since 1890.

The building’s original slate roof lasted for 61 years. However, after more than six decades of service, the roof needed to be replaced. The building is about 57 feet tall and contains steel frame trusses clad with 3-inch-thick pre-cast concrete sheeting. First, the metal roof installer, Eisenmann Construction removed the original slate roof and installed synthetic underlayment while anchoring 2 by 4s to the concrete sheeting with head lok fasteners. Afterwards, Eisenmann installed the Medallion Lok panels finished in a Patrician Bronze color from McElroy Metal Inc. The installer also placed ridge vents from Plyco Corp. at the roof’s peak and counter flashed many of the trims into the masonry parapet walls. Langlois Roofing worked on five flat roof areas done in rubber. Special deep gutters were designed by Ed Knittel of McElroy Metal, and two rows of snow rails from S-5! Attachment Solutions were installed.

Now completely installed and approved by the church trustees, the new metal roof should provide longevity and maintain the historic integrity of this long-standing congregation.

Structural engineer: Swiss Valley Associates, Sardis, Ohio

Roofing contractor: Langlois Roofing, Kankakee, Ill.

Metal roof installer: Eisenmann Construction, Cissna Park

Metal roof panels and gutters: McElroy Metal Inc., Bossier City, La.,,

Ridge vents: Plyco Corp., Elkhart Lake, Wis.,

Snow rails: S-5! Attachment Solutions, Colorado Springs, Colo.,,