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Colorado State University Indoor Practice Facility, Fort Collins, Colo.

The 62,000-square-foot indoor practice facility gives the Colorado State football team a great foul-weather alternative, as well as a recruiting tool for new students. For the project, the builder, Lefever Building Systems used a Rigid Frame system from Varco Pruden Buildings. The columns were reverse tapered and the rafters were segmented to create the radius for the roof. The reverse taper was done as a safety precaution, removing any encroachment of the field. Approximately 20-foot segments were connected along the 203-foot clear span to create the radial (barrel) roof.


Colorado State


Metl-Span's CF-42 Herringbone insulated panels were used for the wall covering with masonry to 12-foot AFF. Special framing was installed to help enhance daylighting. The LEED Gold certified project had minimal amounts of construction waste due to recycling, as well as the recycled content in the Varco Pruden steel. Additionally, a major component of the field turf is recycled content, while translucent wall panels help reduce lighting costs.


Colorado State 2


In addition to the 70-yard turf field, there is a four-lane track, two full-sized basketball courts and side-by-side volleyball courts. Before the construction of the facility, the varsity basketball team shared court time with intramural programs. The softball team also uses the new facility, with batting cages that can be lowered from the ceiling.


Builder: Lefever Building Systems, Fort Collins

Architect: Aller-Lingle Architects, Fort Collins

Metal building and roof panels: Varco Pruden Buildings, Memphis, Tenn.,, Circle #XX

Metal wall panels: Metl-Span, Houston,