Fellowship of the Parks, Northlake, Texas

Photo: Red Dot Buildings

To build a campus of connected buildings as a single building at Fellowship of the Parks’ Northlake/Justin campus, a group of metal building systems and some conventionally framed elements were used.

Gaylen Laing, president at Gaylen Howard Laing Architect Inc. (GHLA), says, “We decided that we didn’t want just one giant metal building, so we then thought of the campus as sort of a little village of small, interconnected metal buildings.

“By nature of turning the buildings in different directions, we could minimize the overall scale of the project to something that really felt very homey. We arranged all the clustering of buildings around a courtyard in the center.”

Matt Lewis, director of engineering at Red Dot Buildings, which supplied the metal building systems, explains, “It’s eight pre-engineered buildings attached to four conventionally framed structural components.”

B&D Metal Building Erectors erected the metal building systems and built the conventionally framed elements. At the roof, the company installed 1,108 square feet of MBCI’s 24-gauge steel SuperLok standing seam roof system in Ash Gray. For the walls, 1,158 square feet of MBCI’s 26-gauge steel PBU wall panels in Ash Gray were installed.

Laing says, “We specifically picked [the PBU panels] out because of the shadow profile that we could get and the scale of the material. We decided to celebrate the fact that it was a metal building and not try to make a metal building look like it was something else. We let the structure be exposed in many areas. We just let it be what it was and worked a new design aesthetic around these metal buildings being just what they are.”

The 19,055-square-foot campus building houses a worship center with seating for 300 people. The campus, which is located in the town of Northlake and near the City of Justin, adds another location to the church’s multiple properties.