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Googie Burger, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

According to Patrick Johnson, AIA, principal with the associate architect, AI3, it was the desire of the client, Centennial Olympic Park, to transform the existing park building into an icon that would garner the attention of park patrons and visitors from all vantage points and offer a unique and compelling food offering. For Googie Burger, that meant reinventing the existing park building to that its roof form would become a sign itself and a destination. The idea was to create an icon with a material that would provide rigidity, a nod to the future and a crisp edge that no other material provided. By using Aluminum Composite Material from INTRABOND LLC , the architects were able to provide a monolithic, but highly detailed form that represents a nostalgic look forward for the park.


Googie Burger 3


The project features 4,100 square feet of 0.16-inch Aluminum Composite Material in Pure White with a PE Core from INTRABOND.


For the fabricator, Altech Panel Systems, one of the major challenges for transforming the building was the complex geometry design of the building. The fabrication was made complex because each panel was unique.


Owner: Georgia World Congress Center

General contractor: Prime Contractors, Douglasville, Ga.

Architect of record: Turner Associates/Architects & Planners Inc., Atlanta

Associate architect: AI3 Inc., Atlanta

Restaurant designer: Levy Restaurants, Chicago

Fabricator: Altech Panel Systems, Cartersville, Ga.

Installer: Diversified Panel Systems, Social Circle, Ga.

Aluminum Composite Material: INTRABOND LLC, Manning, S.C.,