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Helene Madison Pool, Seattle

Photo: William Wright Photography

Stemper Architecture Collaborative PLLC designed the entrance and other exposed exterior walls on Helene Madison Pool with a colorful pattern of metal shingles inspired by sea creature scales. Most of the exterior walls are covered by foliage. The metal shingles clad the most visible walls including those seen from a parking lot.

Melody Leung, president at Stemper Architecture Collaborative, says, “The diamond-shaped metal shingles were applied at the selected exterior locations to minimize the large, solid-massed building façades and bring a visually tangible scale to users, while also providing a playful and energetic appearance upon entry to the building.”

Northshore Exterior Inc. installed ATAS International Inc.’s Castletop metal shingles coated in three fluoropolymer 70% PVDF finishes: Champagne, Hemlock Green and Silversmith. Northshore Exterior installed them directly onto sheathing with a concealed fastening system.

The original, 20,000-square-foot building was constructed in 1970. The metal shingles replaced diagonal tongue-and-groove siding. The application was part of a complete building envelope restoration that included roof and gutter replacements and more.