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Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Arlington, Texas

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Arlington, Texas

Buildings in a major league baseball stadium presented some uncommon roofing challenges for contractors.

The slope on the broadcast building in Vandergriff Plaza at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, home to the Texas Rangers, needed to be as low as possible so the view from the press boxes located behind the roof was not obstructed. The roofing system on the broadcast building was unique because tapered insulation was utilized on the lowslope roof instead of constructing the slope in the structural deck.

McElroy Metal supplied approximately 8,000 square feet of 16-inch 138T panels installed on a 3/12 slope on the concessions building-where slope was not a factor-and approximately 10,000 square feet of 24-gauge, 16-inch 238T panels in Felt Green that were fixed onto the broadcasting building. Additionally, McElroy supplied approximately 40 squares of its 12-inch Flush panels for the broadcast area. Some spots required a 12-inch fastener for attachment.

Additionally, a hybrid roof section was installed on the broadcast building with a single-ply membrane placed in a cricket area and integrated into the 238T metal roof system. The 238T panel was chosen for its watertight seam design, a requirement for the low-sloped roof.

General contractor: Manhattan Construction Co., Tulsa, Okla.

Architect: Sterling Barnett Little Inc., Arlington

Installer: Supreme Roofing Systems, Dallas

Distributor: Bradco/ABC Supply, Dallas

Metal roof panels: McElroy Metal, Bossier City, La.,