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Trinity Life Baptist Church, Garland, Texas

Photo: Chase Watkins
Photo: Chase Watkins

To roof over a trapezoidal standing seam roof damaged by hail and correspond to roofs in adjacent residential areas, Trinity Life Baptist Church chose stone-coated steel shakes. Additionally, the church’s existing R-panels wall cladding was damaged by hail and replaced with new metal wall panels.

The project was challenging, in part, due to numerous roof and wall penetrations including two entrance canopies with tapered roofs and roof penetrations for lighting fixtures. Wall penetrations included electrical, plumbing and cable lines, security camera mounts, lighting fixtures and recessed windows.

To attach the stone-coated steel roofing to the standing seam roof, Classic Superoof LLC installed 9,270 feet of 2-inch by 2-inch wood counter battens. To secure the battens at 14 inches on-center on the standing seam panels, Classic Superoof designed, fabricated and attached 4,700 custom, 24-gauge steel batten clips to the seams. This created a 3-inch gap between the existing and new roof cladding, which functions as an insulation cavity.

On top of the battens, Classic Superoof installed 10,775 square feet of Gerard Roof Products’ (now Boral Steel by Boral Roofing LLC) 26-gauge stone-coated steel Canyon Shakes in Barclay. The company also fabricated and installed 350 feet of 24-gauge custom oversize gutters and downspouts in Dark Bronze Kynar 500, gable flashing and coping flashing.

For the walls, Classic Superoof installed 1,950 square feet of Central States Manufacturing Inc.’s 26-gauge PBR metal wall panels in Light Stone. The renovation project was completed for $145,500 in August 2017. The North Texas Roofing Contractor Association recognized the project with its Golden Hammer Award for Best Metal Roof Project in 2017.