Metal Architecture Home


Dimmett Residence, Highland, N.C.

The Dimmett family residence utilized metal to upgrade the 1980s home in Highland, N.C. Metal cladding replaces the previous split cedar shakes on the walls. "Metal gives this home a lasting impression that remains unchanged," explains Jeff Weller, project manager and partner with Summit Architecture, Highland. "It provided the sleek appearance that stays intact. Wood products vary and change so much over time while the metal cladding does not. In this instance, the house gained all of the aesthetic advantages we were seeking while the owner also gained the advantage of longer term maintenance savings, as well."

Allentown, Pa.-based ATAS International Inc.'s 0.032-aluminum Corra-Lok concealed fastener corrugated wall panels in Champagne were chosen for their unique shape, many color options and quality. Corra-Lok panels have a positive panel-to-panel interlock and the fasteners are hidden by the consecutive panels. Ash Construction, Cashiers, N.C., was the installer, and Jennings Supply Inc., Cashiers, was the distributor.

"The design goal was to provide much more modern sleek lines while providing a durable finish and product for a difficult site as it pertains to the effects of weather on the exteriors," says Weller.

Architect: Summit Architecture, Highland

Installer: Ash Construction, Cashiers, N.C.

Distributor: Jennings Supply Inc., Cashiers

Metal wall panels: ATAS International Inc., Allentown, Pa.,