Emerald Queen Casino and Hotel, Fife, Wash.

Photo: Tom Stock

Cuningham Group designed the exterior of Emerald Queen Casino and Hotel with metal panels in pattern of colors that reflect the tribe’s art. The 310,000-square-foot building houses a gaming floor, five restaurants and concert venue.

Four colors of panels were used to create the pattern: Black Gray, Brite Red, Cyberspace and Software. In total, Flynn Group of Companies installed 130,000 square feet CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series 2 1/2-inch-thick insulated metal panels (IMPs). Working at height from 45 feet to 110 feet, Flynn Group installed the IMPs in increments of 18 square feet.

Additionally, value engineered at a penthouse area, Flynn Group installed ribbed, vertical rainscreen panels and back-up panels. Flynn Group installed CENTRIA’s IW-10A rainscreen panels in Brite Red and MetalWrap insulated composite backup panels.

Matt Rassmussen, project manager at Flynn Group, says, “The CENTRIA panels met new energy codes, had the highest R-value and had the specific color pattern the architects wanted to create a visual image reflective of the tribe’s artwork. A really nice part of the project was that we were able to order the number of panels as needed to do the job so there was very little waste.”