Gasser Design Container Cabin, Linden, Ariz.

This container cabin consists of five ISO shipping containers from AZ Containers, each weighing 8,000
pounds. The residence is designed as a vacation home that will later transition into a full-time residence once the owner enters retirement. Boarding a pine and cedar forest, the residence features
1,860 square feet of livable space, a 560-square-foot garage and 320-square-foot porch. The building
is supported by 10,000 pounds of structural steel from Crest Steel, and 1,200 linear feet of 2 1/2-inch,
22-gauge U-channel, which is a part of the exterior cladding system. The roof features 3,000 square feet of 29-gauge painted R-panels and the exterior wall cladding contains 2,800 square feet of 22-gauge Rustic R-panels, both from Western Metal Deck.

Architect: WG Gasser Design, Tucson, Ariz.

Containers: AZ Containers, Phoenix,, Circle #72

Structural steel: Crest Steel, Phoenix,, Circle #73

Roof and wall panels: Western Metal Deck, Phoenix,