Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, Jackson, Calif.

Photo: Fernando Huizar

JAX Kneppers Associates Inc. completed a renovation project with metal panels in a variety of colors on three buildings at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. Additionally, special girts were installed to reduce thermal bridging. The project created a modern appearance for Jackson Rancheria Hotel, an arcade building attached to the hotel and pedestrian bridge from the hotel to the casino.

Rua and Son Mechanical Inc. installed Advanced Architectural Products LLC’s SMARTci insulation system with 3-inch GreenGirt Simple Z attachment members. GreenGirts helped create thermal breaks at Z-girt connections to the walls. In between the girts, Rua and Son Mechanical installed Roxul Inc.’s 3-inch-thick Cavityrock insulation.

On top of the girts, it installed 27,500 square feet of Dri-Design’s 0.08-inch aluminum wall panels with a two-coat PVDF coating in Dark Bronze, Rookwood Red and Tan.

Perforated metal in Tan was used in two places. Rua and Son Mechanical installed metal wall panels that Dri-Design perforated with the Jackson Rancheria logo at a porte cochere at the front entrance. It also installed perforated panels at the top of the hotel walls with backlighting.

The metal panel system accounted for $1.5 million of the project’s total cost of $3.7 million. It was completed in January 2017.