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Marble Gate Farms, Friendsville, Tenn.

Marble Gate Farms of Friendsville, Tenn.,marble_gate_farms house the owners of one of the largest temporary employment agencies in the United States and their horses. Originally, a screw-down metal roof covered the 14-room farm house, barn and two-car garage. However due to aging, the owners replaced the old roof with 60,000 square feet of 18-inch-wide Englert Series 2500 standing seam roof panels in Forest Green from Perth Amboy, N.J.-based Englert Inc.

Sections of the barn were radius-installed, requiring a stretching of the material across the top of the structure. Hodge Construction LLC, Knoxville, Tenn., served as the general contractor, while Goddard & Carter Fabrication, Louisville, Tenn., served as the installer and fabricator.

Englert Inc.,

General contractor: Hodge Construction LLC, Knoxville, Tenn.

Installer/fabricator: Goddard & Carter Fabrication, Louisville, Tenn.

Metal roof panels: Englert Inc., Perth Amboy, N.J.,