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Mirabella Retirement Community, Portland

Located in the heart of Portland's South Waterfront, the Mirabella is anticipated to reach LEED Platinum certification. Completed in October 2010, Sapa Architectural Products provided the black anodized custom-designed aluminum railing system, aluminum trellis and barbeque canopy to match.

The custom-designed top rail has a flat top with a 4 percent inward slope, allowing for easier water run-off. The infill consists of 1/8-inch stainless-steel cable. Due to the tension in the cable runs, a heavier wall bottom rail extrusion was needed. The project plans required three custom aluminum trellises to be designed. Sapa's design team used SolidWorks to create a visual 3-D model of each custom trellis and barbeque canopy. Each trellis was built with 6-inch square aluminum posts and Epi wood across the top. To remain consistent with the railing system, the trellis was anodized black. The barbeque canopy was designed using 1/2-inch clear laminated and tempered glass.

The aluminum products from Sapa Architectural Products helped earn LEED points for both regional manufacturing and regional extraction. The aluminum recyclability, in addition to the extruder using 25 percent recycled aluminum, also contributed LEED points.

The project utilized Sapa's in-house capabilities for design, drafting, engineering, extrusion, anodizing, fabrication and installation. Having these resources with one supplier allowed the construction manager the flexibility and reliability with construction schedule challenges, rather than having to deal with several different companies.

Architect: Ankrom Moisan, Portland
Construction manager: Hoffman Construction Co., Portland
Aluminum railing, trellis and canopy: Sapa
Architectural Products, Portland,

Mirabella Retirement Community