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Muller Cabin, Metamora, Ind.

Architect Paul Muller wanted a modern metal roofing product with an antiquated appearance when selecting a roofing material for his ecofriendly cabin. He chose 1,600 square feet (149 m2) of TCS II metal roofing panels from Follansbee for the weekend getaway’s roof. The eco-friendly residence was built entirely from recycled building materials. In addition to being durable and having a long life cycle, the Follansbee roofing panels are produced from metals that contain a high percentage of recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

“As both an architect and a homeowner, I was familiar with the look and benefits a metal roof provides,” explained Muller, owner of Muller Architects Inc. “The cabin is a balanced fusion of rustic simplicity with abstract modern form. Although it is made of logs, they are squared and make a clean box-like shape. Follansbee TCS II accomplished my aesthetic and green objectives even better than I expected. It was the only roofing product with the qualities I was looking for to complete this design.”

“The dull-gray color changes slightly with the light and the seasons,” Muller continued. “It has developed a wonderful patina that adds to a sense of weight.”

Design decisions were made in typical give-and-take fashion with Muller’s wife, Teresa Schnorr, and his brother, John Muller, co-owners of the cabin. “Together, we shared the goal of keeping an authentic character by making the cabin fit into an 80-acre [32-hectare] wilderness retreat without feeling so contemporary,” Muller said. “The choice of roofing material was easy and unanimous.”

Architect: Paul Muller, Muller Architects Inc., Cincinnati

Distributor: Building Value, Cincinnati

Metal roof panels: Follansbee, Follansbee, W.Va.